Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Print - Radiant Forest

Radiant Forest 8" x 10"

I finally made a print of this painting! It is my absolute favorite accomplishment to date! You can find it in my online shop.

It has been really fun, taking walks in my paintings lately. I have been trying to create worlds where the viewer can go on a bit of a mental trip for a bit as they wander around the piece. MMMM color! color! color!

Here's the Statement I wrote for the show it was in at Plaza Design in Arcata.

Artist’s Statement: March 9th, 2007


For the longest time, since I was a youngster, I have been fascinated with magic. I don’t mean the kind of slight of hand stuff that “magicians” do. I mean the real stuff … “MAGIC!” The kind that comes from making a wish. The kind that dreams are submerged in. The kind that happens when you love someone and the whole world glows!

Somewhere along the way I learned the difference between story magic and spiritual magic. The stories are a way to talk about things that we already intuitively know. It is through story magic that we learn how to know and long for spiritual magic.

I learned that spiritual magic comes from focus and discipline; faith and inspiration. Along the way I met many people on many different paths. I read the insightful writings of others. I learned to cultivate my own intuitive magic.

As an artist, I’m finding that the best way for me to talk about magic is to return to the sentiment of my youth. The children that I work with and raise show me the space that can be created, when intuition makes the rules for play; when love is held right out on your chest for all to see!