Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Paintings at Plaza Design

"Pear Tree" acrylic on canvas '2008

Hey folks,
Come join me in Eureka, CA at Plaza Design, on F and 5th Streets.

There will be an opening on Saturday March 1st, during Arts Alive!


  1. great!
    one of my favs.

  2. Beautiful! My day suddenly feels lighter and brighter.

  3. This painting is marvelous! Have a great show!

  4. Hi Andrew,

    This is a lovely, lovely painting!! Wish I could stop by!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. I just bumped into your blog yesterday and was overwhelmed by your work. The colors are so vibrant and the patterns are amazing. I have to feature you in my blog this week and share your work with others. Great inspirational style!

  6. i am not an etsy retailer yet, but thanks for fuelling my wish to do so, that's very encouraging. I was very pleasantly surprised to see your post today. Thank you very much. I have just finished my mixed media canvas and the ''road'' has a lot of 'andrew daniel'' influence on it. I would love to know (anxious) your judgement on it. I have never been to an art school. This is my school. Work I see and people I learn from are my teachers. Thank you for sharing your art work.

  7. honoured :) n relieved!

  8. hey Andrew! looks awesome! you are amazing! wow!
    hey~ wondering if u would be interested a trade? we can do a special painting JUSt for each other~(SOO FUN!)
    check out my blog, I just did this with Tess from youtube~ i painted her (& made a video) ...then she painted me (& made a video)...
    watch both vids & let me know if u r interested!

  9. Love your style and the COLORS! Fabulous. Great stuff from you on etsy.