Saturday, December 06, 2008

Learning new techniques with watercolor. ink, and Photoshop

This mouse was drawn with a #2 pencil, a gray Prismacolor Pencil, water color, and a Micron#5 pen.

It was then taken into Photoshop to ad color and shading.

The are a bunch of great tutorials on Youtube that I have been looking at for ideas. I am working on developing an illustrative style for a story that I'm writing..... I will post more later.


  1. Cute mouse. I'm on a new computer and in the market for a photo editing program. Do you recommend Photoshop?

  2. wow andrew when did you become a leprochaun?
    love the mouse.

  3. Hi Nancy,
    I love to use Photoshop! I use it almost daily. It really depends on how deep you are interested in going. If you just want to crop images and resize them. Maybe adjust the color a little bit you might try Photoshop Elements, which is a smaller/cheaper version for the novice. Photoshop has a bit steeper learning curve, but if you are serious, I can recoment some training books..... Take Care,

  4. Thanks, Andrew. I think the Photoshop Elements will be the one for me. Can a person put more than one photo or graphic together and add text and edit that text? I like that you are blogging more about what you are doing and learning. I'm not a drawer or painter but it's still interesting to me.

  5. Hi Nancy,
    I haven't ever used the program, so I don't know if it can do text... Maybe not. Check out the Adobe Website, I bet they would know!

  6. hey nancy,
    you would be able to do composites, add text, etc with elements no problem.