Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eel River View painting by Andrew Daniel

Eel River View by Andrew Daniel 7" x 12" (12cm x 31cm)

I've picked up a job in Fortuna, Ca three nights a week. It has been really lovely to see so much of the regions landscape during my commute.

Sometimes, on my way back from work in the morning, I stop to make a painting. The region around Fernbridge and Ferndale have been really speaking to me, with the open spaces and the green fields.

If anybody has recommendations for landscape painting spots, I would love to hear them. I especially like rivers and wetlands, because of the reflected sky colors...

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  1. Saremy8:54 AM

    I love picturing you on your way home in the morning and stopping to paint something. This is the epitome of acting on inspiration! Such a lovely area too! I can see why you are moved. There is this spot on the way to Blue Lake, right when you get past the Glendale exit and the valley opens up to you. I'm sure you know it- I love this! Potters to the left, Mad River to the right. And the light is different every direction you look!