Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Assorted Small Landscapes by Andrew Daniel

Blue Victorian in Arcata Bottoms
Lately I have been hooked on landscape painting! Especially making these small paintings (5" x 7" - 13cm x 18cm). There is something about seeing the whole painting all at once that simplifies the process for me. Plus it is really fun to line them up at the end of the day and look at them together.

Bank of the Van Dusen
I have been spending time after work scouting the Fortuna area for painting spots. I stood under the 101 bridge that spans the Van Dusen River to paint this view. The overcast day inspired a composition in greys.

 Barn with out Buildings

Here is another spot I found in Fortuna, across the street from the hospital is a large field with a collection of old buildings.

 Morning Light in the Arcata Bottoms

Stopped to paint this scene before an appointment last week. At first the sky was overcast but just as I finished composing the sun came out!

These are all available in my online shop.

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  1. Love that blue Victorian. It looks like you could just step in and walk there...