Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Trinidad Head" by Andrew Daniel

"Trinidad Head" by Andrew Daniel
oil on board 6" x 10" 15cm x 25cm
Bid on this painting here.

I painted this piece on the same day as the "Camel Rock" piece. It was fun working with the surf and the sky colors. I'm itchin' to get back there now!


  1. Bjorn3:19 PM

    Hey Andrew, I just moved to Oregon and was so busy with last minute packing I couldn't make the wednesday class....I wish we could have made some landscape paintings together before I moved, maybe someday. Keep up the great work, Ill be following your paintings!

    1. Oh, That sounds nice! Where abouts, might have to have you give me the landscape painters tour someday?! I'll be following your work as well! you can email me directly at macaroni_art@hotmail.com. C-yah!