Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Foggy October Gearheart Marsh

"Foggy October Gearheart Marsh" by Andrew Daniel
9" x 13" (23cm x 30cm) oil on wood panel 
 available in my online shop

I have been dreaming of building painting platform to go on top of my car for 15 years. Yesterday I decided I would go ahead and make it, instead of painting. Today I got to test it out. It was so fun to be up so high! The elevation stretches the foreground and middle-ground, so that I don't have a small band of land and a huge sky. Next, I am going to make some painting panels that are short and wide, like a panoramic photo so I can get the compositions I have been desiring!


  1. Andrew, Nice job on the painting and platform.

  2. Anonymous1:31 PM

    You said you wanted an elevated viewpoint and boy did you get it. Good idea and good carpentry! Jody PS nice painting, too

  3. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Hi Andrew, where is the new landscape blog you were telling me about?
    Jody Bryan