Tuesday, April 26, 2016

View of the Lost Coast

"View of the Lost Coast" by Andrew Daniel
10" x 10" Oil on canvas

North Coast Open Studios is June 4,5,11,12!

This is a little 10" x10" painting I did with friends on the Lost Coast last weekend. We spent the day driving down the road and stopping at different outlooks. This was the third and final spot, which had a nice view looking up North along the coast with Sugarloaf rock far off in the distance. The painting came together really quickly in the field. I was able to put some embellishments on it at home this week. In the process, I had a nice break through about being more confident, trusting my brush and my personal calligraphic style. Paul wanted me to stop when it was only 40 minutes in. I chose to keep going and lost a lot of the spontaneity. Ended up having to use a different set of skills to finish than just bold spontaneity. Maybe next time I'll try and stop earlier!

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