Thursday, December 18, 2008

Copied a Couple of Children from a Bruegel Painting

Copied From Pieter Bruegel's "The Numbering fo the People at Bethlehem"
Using a 100 F drawing pencil, water colors, and Black Prismacolor

I have been having a great time looking through the art of Pieter Bruegel. He was known as the painter of peasants. He used to dress as a peasant and attend weddings so that he could get ideas for his genre paintings. Each image shows so many activities that were common to small 16th century villages in Italy.

My intent is to write and illustrate a children's story. Often when I think of what kind of people I want to put into the story, I think of painting peasants, depicting a life style that is humble and close to the earth.

One of the great things about Bruegel is that he simplifies the people, so they almost feel like caricatures. The facial expressions are really fun too! He likes to paint people with dramatic looks on their faces. Finally, I am noticing that he will fit many different stories into one image. So that the eye can wander around and see many things. It's like he compacts all of the interesting things you might see during a day at the town square and you get to see them al at once!


  1. LOL! That Brueghel is so funny. I bet he was thinking "Gosh, those poor people just have so much fun." All of his art reflects his interest in peasant life. Here are some Bruegel engravings that I like.

    Thanks for posting this hilarious Brueghel.

  2. its so nice seeing you post on a regular basis so we get to see what kind of stuff you are doing.
    keep it up, andrew