Sunday, December 21, 2008

Working With Wet Blends in Watercolor


In this painting I was focused on learning how to do color blends with watercolor. If the paper is wet when the paint is applied it is possible to get the colors to mix on the page. Working on wet paper is also a good way to make the edges of the brushstroke less crisp.

I figure if I keep using the watercolors regularly I will be able to find a happy spot with them. In this piece I am interested in the way the colors are more blended instead of being sectioned off like a coloring book. On the other hand, the more I paint in this fashion, the harder it gets to put bold lines over the top. It feels like dark lines can simplify the subtleties of the under-painting.

It will work itself out as I keep using the watercolor, I'm sure. My goal is to develop an illustrative style that feels like a continuation of my acrylic paintings, but can comfortably encompass the needs that illustration dictates.


  1. This is beautiful, Andrew! Keep up the good work.

  2. I absolutely love your bird paintings!