Saturday, February 24, 2007

First Painting Finished since I started Greeting Card Biz!

Two Birds in a Bush - Acrylic on Wood 22" x 26"

This is my latest painting! It has been 5 and a half months since I have finished a painting. Well, I finished off two paintings a couple of months ago, but they had been started before I started the card business so they really didn't need much...

I like this piece, because I don't often allow myself to be illustrative like this. I've been teaching myself to do this over the last few years.

My artistic lineage is pretty closely aligned with the old prejudices of Abstract Expressionism. In College, "illustrative" was considered an insulting term. It has been a long journey of getting over the my inhibitions and embracing the depiction of such care free subject matter as birds and flowers. I still balk at painting cats and dogs though.

Ah, well maybe someday!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Algeometric Tide PRINT - A Fun New Abstraction

I'm kinda' excited about this new print, I came across the image as I was organizing pictures to show to Robert Kaufman Fabrics. I like all of the pink in this one. In this picture I was playing with the idea of repeating shapes and layering the paint in an organic fashion. I also like to depict floating organisms and movement. Just imagine a stream bed with pink water and you are there!

I also love to think about microscope imagery. Cells look so mysterious to me. If you find that stuff interesting you might want to check out a UK artist named Terry Winters. There are some great examples of his prints here.

Warmth of the Suns Rays PRINT

This is a new print that I have made. It has been a card for quite a while, and someone recently requested it as a print. The colors seem to print perfectly. I was trying to create an organic paint quality in this piece and that quality seems to work really well with printing. If you want to see one of my favorite painters who probably inspired me to try out the organic look; check out Leslie Price. He was my painting instructor at Humboldt State University.

I was trying to depict radiating energy in this paintig; like sunlight or happiness, or love.

You can find this print and many others in the Shop.

Two Dancers - a new card.

This is my latest Valentine's Day card design. It is a a drawing that I colorized in photoshop. I don't often make images from drawings like this. You can find it in my Shop.

It's really fun to work with line like this! I'm also very happy to be making a figurative images too. Even if it is a simple image, it is a start. I used to work with figure regularly back when I was in school at Humboldt State University. Here is the link to my figurative art page on my main site, in case you are interested. I did work on some more ambitious narrative paintings back then. But I haven't ever gotten around to getting digital photos. Sorry.

It is an interesting challenge to depict love. It has been done so much that one truly finds themselves picking through a mine feild of cliches. However, I do think it is worth the risks. What other subject is more relevant to us?