Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Portrait Project


For the last three weeks I have been painting a portrait a day in watercolor and casein paint, with the goal of setting up a series of daily commissions at 70$ a piece. Each painting is posted on Facebook, Instagram and Sktchy. So far I have received 4 commissions and sold two of my "practice paintings'! This has been really exciting to see that things are already coming together! If you would like to commission a portrait contact me through andrewdanielcomissions@yahoo.com

I have included some process pics this week to show how this piece evolved. I chose this photo from the Sktchy App, because I admired how the models face looked like a classical sculpture. In the painting I wanted to accentuate the geometry and flow of the shapes. So, initially I drew out the planes of the face in pencil. Next I put in a few layers of watercolor wash. Once this was done I decided to put some opaque casein paint on top to see if I could explore the form further. The process took about three hours.