Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Begonias on Blue

Begonias on Blue by Andrew Daniel

I enhanced the background in this painting with sapphire blue hues. Somehow when these colors combined, it communicated the delicate, floating quality of the pink petals held up by thin red stems.

This is an original oil painting on Baltic Birch Panel, signed by me Andrew Daniel. The size is 16" x 16" (40cm x 40cm). Available Here

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Forest Reflections

"Forest Reflections" by Andrew Daniel
16"x12"(41cm x 31cm) oil on canvas board
available in my online shop

I painted this at Jim McVicker's workshop last weekend. It was a great time! There is an article on my blog about it. 

Here's the link:

McVicker Dazzles Dobbers with Fancy Brushwork

This past weekend, eleven oil painters packed up their gear and converged on the Morris Graves property in Loleta to learn from the great master, Jim McVicker. This was his first ever three day workshop, a unique opportunity for the painters to draw off of his 40 years of experience in landscape painting.

“The Lake” by Jim McVicker 

See More Examples of McVicker’s Work Here:

When Morris Graves first moved to Humboldt County he acquired one of the last stands of old growth in Loleta. At the center of the property was the serene and mysterious Catfish Lake, a sink hole created by an earthquake over three hundred years ago, filled with dark tannin rich water and old growth trees that reach up from the bottom of the lake to poke through the surface of the water 32 feet above. These trees provide nutrients to the various plants that have taken root, creating several tiny vegetative islands.

“Forest Reflections” by Andrew Daniel

“Untitled” by Henry Hollomon

“Untitled” by Rick Tolley

Grave’s vision for the property was to create his dream home on the lake’s shore, an artistic retreat hidden from humanity, where he could be alone with the many species  of birds that lived there, as inspiration for his art. Before his passing in 2001 he chose to preserve his home as a retreat for artists to get away from the distractions of society.

McVicker’s Quick Sketch Demonstration

During the workshop, McVicker alternated between doing demonstrations and visiting students around the perimeter of the lake to give them feedback on their work. Just about everyone in the class struggled with the combined challenges of painting outdoors, away from their studios, and interpreting the complex scene of trees reflected in the lake’s dark waters.  McVicker provided a road map for the students with his demos of quick painted sketches as well as larger more involved work, before they went out each day to face the elements.

On Sunday after one of the fine lunches served by DesireĆ© Yarber, Robert Yarber gave a slide show lecture about Grave’s life and work. Both of them work as caretakers of the property, and act as host to visiting artists.

See Examples of Graves Work Here:

“Untitled” by Joan Rosko

“Untitled” by Michael Levine

On Friday and Saturday the sun hid behind clouds and rain, forcing the painters to work in a limited palette of grays, blacks, and greens. On the final day, the sun came out to light up the trees with brilliant warm colors, the birds rose up in chorus, and the spirits of the painters were lifted. The participants went home feeling inspired to take on new challenges 
and to work at internalizing the lessons they learned.

Workshop Participants From Left to Right:
Joan Rosko, Rick Tolley, Michael Lawler, Corey Gordon, Claudia Lima, Kathy O’leary, Andrew Daniel, Jim McVicker, Teresa Oats, Henry Hollomon, Cietha Wilson, Vera Ximenes(not in picture)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Waiting For a Lap Lane

"Waiting for a Lap Lane" by Andrew Daniel
oil on wood
16" x 16" (41cm x 41cm)
available in my online shop
While swimming laps at the gym, I find my mind wanders to creative ideas as the time passes. When I found out that one of our models was a competitive swimmer I dove at the chance!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Paradise Tree

"Paradise Tree" by Andrew Daniel
oil on wood 16" x 16" (40cm x 40cm)
available in my online shop