Saturday, September 15, 2018

“John’s View of Mount Shasta”

This is one of four of my paintings on display at the Westhaven Center For the Arts in the Representational Art League annual “New Works” show on display Sat./Sun. Afternoons until Oct. 28th. Several weeks ago, I met with John Crater at his studio on a foggy day and we pawed through his collection of photos taken from his many hikes. This subject caught my eye, because it had the warm hued boulders in the mid ground. I’ve been trying to train myself to pick out a section of the painting to focus the eye more than others, so that the viewer has a sense of where to go, and so the painting has a center of gravity. I did this by making the colors and contrasts slightly more crisp, and the edges slightly more sharp in the focal point region. Now that I’m gaining more comfort with this concept, it makes me want to repaint all my old paintings!

“John’s View of Shasta” 

oil on canvas 



Available at Westhaven Center For the Arts